Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sweet 16 ♥

Every year there is that ONE VERY SPECIAL day each and everyone of us is waiting, which is our Birthday! Right? And for me that day is none other than, MAY 6! So, as you can see that's yesterday! I turned 16 yesterday! Happy Sweet 16 to me! :) So let me share to you guys how I celebrated my birthday. :)

Woke up to this presents! :)
Tita Zena. Mommy. Sister Max. Kuya

To my ever kindest almost adopted Kuya in the whole wide world! Thank you for this two :") 
Gold Infinity Ring. Gold Bracelet

 Went to Festival Mall, Alabang. Watched Iron Man 3 with my lil Brother! :)
So Amazing!! Definitely incredible! :)
Iron Man 3

Went to Shakey's for Merienda with my Tita, Mom and Brother.
Ordered Carbonara, Mojos, Chicken, Garlic Bread and Hi-Protein Pizza (not-included in the photo)
Tita's Treat!

We we're about to go home when my kinakapatid texted me! Went to Starbucks with him. :)
His hand with his Mini iPad. 

  After that, on our way home we bought some foods as my treat to some of my friends and went directly to my so called, kinakapatid's house where I celebrate :)

What's a birthday without a cake? Haha! Thanks to my boyfriend, he bought a cake and some brownies for me which should be a surprise but unluckily he failed to. Haha! Thanks anyway! :*
Ultimate Chocolate ♥
Ofcourse! Selfie photos of me. Vain mode! Lol. :) 

Felt really happy that day! Especially when you received a birthday greeting from your Idol bloggers too right? :)

Vern Enciso

Kryz Uy


Alexandrine ♥

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