Thursday, May 2, 2013

Close Up Summer Solstice 2013

CLOSE UP SUMMER SOLSTICE - So last April, 27 the most waited music festival happened! I know you all heard about it right? From your televisions, radios, social networking sites and even on billboards! A 12-hour Non-Stop Party Event of this Summer season filled with awesome artists who will be performing!

I'll let the photos do more talking! :)

Credits to the photographer who took photo of me! :)
All of us were Jumping Up and Down! Hands up and Dancing with the beat! 

Awesome crowd! 

Credits again to the Photographer who took this for us!

Lucky to meet a have a picture with my Blog Inspirations! :)
Camille Co
Laureen Uy

Super star studded! It's one of the best nights I have ever had! So EPIC! Thanks to Close Up Philippines for making this possible! :) Until the Summer Solstice Event! :)

Alexandrine ♥

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