Saturday, July 20, 2013

I can feel it!

I can feel it really! It's getting into my nerves already! Whooo my dream! To become a business woman! I'm feeling exaggerated with this post it's just that when I am wearing something like this makes me think about the future already! Haha! So what do you think? Did I pull it off? :)

Top and Skirt : BU5 | Blazer: Forver 21 | Shoes: M.Y

Alexandrine ♥

*Photo credits to my friends :")

Missing In Action

I know. I know. I've been missing in action in blogosphere this past few weeks! I thought being in college will make it easy for me to blog but it's the different way! I can't blog about anything! Mondays to Saturdays I'm at school wearing that All white uniform making me feel that I'm a Nurse! Haha. Well moving on, last July 10, I went with my blockmates at SM MOA to celebrate one of my friends birthday and this is what I wore.

Top: JAG | Jeans: BU5 | Bag: Jansport

Hope I pulled it off! ♥♥♥

Alexandrine ♥

**Photo credits to my friends. Mwah! :*

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First time.

Why first time? I'm not that confident wearing swimsuits but I guess it's not that bad to try it right? Here's the continuation for the past post. I know I've been MIA this past few days. So I'm really sorry! :) Back to the outfit I am wearing a gray top matched with black shorts (wanting to achieve that sexy effect! :)) So what do you think? ;)

Swimsuit (Top): Boracay | Short: Market Market | Shades: Rayban 

Alexandrine ♥

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Catching Up!

Titled this post "Catching Up!" because it's the only time I can bond or say catch up with my family! As a college student having classes Mondays to Saturdays I can barely bond with them. I always wake up at 4 and leave the house at around 5:15 in the morning and went home at around 5pm already. And because of the hassle trip and school works I feel tired already so I sleep as early as possible. So I make it a point to spend my Sundays with them! ♥

Today we went to Los BaƱos, Laguna for some out of town swimming! It was tiring but really fun! :") Let me share with you guys what I wore. :)

Let me share with you guys something. Being busy isn't a problem. Only that you must know your priorities and the things you need to do. Also, never forget to greet even a simple Good Morning or Good Evening to those people who makes you feel special. :)

Top and Floral Short: Bloggers United V | Slippers: Havainas | Watch: Swatch

How did you spend your Sunday? :)

Alexandrine ♥

Sunday, June 16, 2013

EXTENDED!! Queen's Secret x AFS! :) #AFSGives


Ever used any soap for whitening? Or bleaching creams? Does it have a nice effect on your skin? If not, dont fret! I'm going to you guys my secret! I'm using Queen's Secret's products like soaps and let me tell you it is really effective!! No jokes yes it is! :)

Here are some products they offer:

And because I love my readers so much! I will be having a new giveaway! Yay for that right? :) If you want to join it's easy as 1,2,3! Simply follow the Rafflecopter below! :)
(Wait for some sec/ minutes to it to load.)

Please be reminded that you should follow every option! 

Alexandrine ♥

Hello College Life! :)

And yes! I am finally college!! Proud Escolarian here! ♥
After all the hard works in High School I finally entered College! They say it's a lot more different from High School because of some things and they also say that it's more fun during college days than high school days? Well let me think about it first since it's still my first week! :)

My new home! :) Centro Escolar University Makati Campus - LV ! ♥

Makati Campus - LV

As part of starting college you already is starting a new part of your life! In part with this you will be needing new friends in your new school! Luckily I am that friendly that I already met new friends! Yey me! ♥

Makati Girl! Haha! :)

Good luck to me and to all those whose now in College!! :)

Alexandrine ♥

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And the winner is ...

And the 2 Lucky Winners of Lucky Cow Shop x AFS are:

Hazel Manalansan


Sharmaine Joy P.Yere

Congratulations again and wait for my email or tweet on how to get your prizes! :)
Until my next giveaway! :)

Alexandrine ♥

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Girly Girl

I know guys I've been MIA this past week because of some reasons but here's one of my latest outfit shot! :)

I so can feel girly girl side of me here in this outfit! because just so you know I'm not the typical girl who would wear printed shorts and some stuffs coz I always stick with my old style. Denim Shorts + T-Shirt. But do you think I pulled this out? :)

I wore this Mint colored top matched with a floral short all bought from Bloggers United 5! :) 
I already wore this combination but wasn't able to took some photos of it so I wore it again last Monday (June 10) for the celebration of my friend's birthday! :)

Top & Shorts : Bloggers United 5 | Shoes : Flipflops

I'm always the girl who is comfortable with the boys! Haha! They always ask me why I always go with the boys and not with the girls but lilke what I always say. I feel more safe and MYSELF when I'm with them! No intrigue and No judgements! No offense to other girls out there. :)

 Sorry for the blurry shots. Used my phone. Like the usual. 

Alexandrine ♥

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BLOG Feature: CESA

CeSa was created by the drive for passion and imagination of Chaley Tiu, a graduate of Ateneo de Manila and School of Fashion & Arts who found her true calling in the world of fashion. CeSa as she likes to call her is an imaginative character created as the Alter Ego of what she soon discovered to be the inspiration for her fashion line. CeSa’s design aesthetic and motto is to create pieces that are organic, beautiful and embodies the bohemian personality of freedom and fluidity. CeSa’s main inspiration is that of nature and of the beauty of the Philippine islands.

CeSa’s debut was with a couple of swimwears and cover-ups during the Brasili 2012 fashion show in Rockwell. It was the success of Brasili that lead to the creation of the very first beach collection in April 2012.

Around May 2012 she started working with her fellow SOFA classmates to help promote her line in a fashion editorial called “girls just wanna have fun”, it was during this promotion that she met Hanna delos Reyes, a fashion student and a freelance stylist who studied in St. Benilde. Hanna and Chaley instantly worked well as a team and have both exchanged thoughts, ideas and design concepts with one another.

It wasn’t too long when they both decided to collaborate in a made to order line called CeSa Designs. A sub-brand that caters to personally-made clothing that are made for the sole purpose of special events like weddings, cocktails, debuts, prom, or any other formal occasions. Conversely, it embodies the CeSa motto and focuses on more couture and tailored pieces that CeSa Beachwear doesn’t offer.

Under Cesa designs is Cesa- ries, a line of made to order accessories which Chaley created when she first met Lance Raymundo. She was inspired by his love for beach accessories and his act of having avant garde and unique customized accessory pieces. With that the Cesa- ries line was born to help compliment and add texture to your look.
The two are constantly working to build the brand and their love for fashion and caters to the needs of their clients. It is with such drive that led them to venture onto the world of men’s wear. In it, CeSa Men (C-Men) was born. The line caries mostly board shorts and shorts for men that are designed by Hanna and Chaley. With Cesa men (C-Men) we aim to create innovative and unique pieces for men of style, who shares the same love of the beach and to ultimately redefine the beachwear for men.
CeSa Designs aims to be the leading online retailer of innovative fashion in South East Asia, with a fine sense of patriotism, CeSa is indeed a brand that is proudly Philippine made. It is with such endeavors that the powerhouse team aims to show their talents as fashion entrepreneurs and translate their ideas and vision into reality.

Di ako fan ng swimsuit seriously because of some reasons! Like nahihiya ako sa body ko! :( LOL! But when I heard this shop and saw their items wala ako ibang nasabi kundi, "WOW!" I super duper love their design! Unique yung prints! :) But wait there's more! Hindi lang swimsuits ang ino-offer nila! Meron din silang awesome dresses! Like the photos above! ♥

If you want to more about them please follow the by the following:

Alexandrine  ♥

Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo Diary with Ze' Bloggers! ♥ #PRT3

Last part, people!! :)

Verniece Enciso
V ♥ V

Ang pangit ko dito pero kahit anong angle ni Verniece ang ganda padin niya! Super fan ako ng sister niya pero syempre siya din! :") LIVING DOLL! Hayy grabe nakaka "WAAAAAAAAAHHH IS THIS TRUE!!?" HAHA! Another highlight of meeting her is when Vern introduced me and asked if she remember me because I always comment on their posts and tweet them! :)

Hi Vern! :p

Divine Lee

Ang mother ng lahat ng becky! :"> Mother ko siya! Oo! Mejo becky ako eh! Kalurky! :)) Pero seryoso! Sobrang ganda niya and Funny pa! Bet na bet ko ang segment niya nung BU! Thanks to her at nanalo ako ng G-Cash! Haha! Take note naalala niya ako! Nakakaloka talaga!! :""> Hay never expected that! ♥ Forever DivineLee Fan! ♥

Kookie Buhain

ONE of the BEST! :) Ang cool niya! Idol eh! :) Pabalik balik ako sa booth  jnila ni Ms. Honey kasi may shoes ako na bet na bet ko kaso size 9 siya! Sayang! Kaya next BU i-pupush ko ang shoes niya! Kailangan maka get ako ng isa from her!! ♥

Dani Baretto

Kindest - Sweetest - Lovable Blogger I know! Super down to earth! Kahiot yung mom ko nag kwento sa akin how kind dani is! Grabe! Super sweet talaga niya! :"> Isa na siya sa mga ilo-look forward ko every Bloggers United! :)

Raleene Cabrera

Beauty? Artistic? Talented? Siya yun eh! Edi siya na MULTI-TALENTED ! Grabe di ko talaga alam na singer siya until narinig ko yung kumakanta sa may bandang stage! Akala ko audio lang pero shet LIVE eh! Galing nila ng sister niya! (Sister nga ba? xD) Nakakatuwa pa siya kasi siya yung may pinaka artistic na sulat sa shirt ko! Looking forward to meet her again! :) 

Kelly Medina

Isa pang gwapo! Sorry ha! Pero feeling ko talaga ng ganda ko dito eh! :( (Feeling lang naman!) HAHA! Oh dahil kay Kelly yun? Pag gwapo daw kasama gaganda din? Nakakaloka! Kung ganon lang din lagi nalang ako bubuntot sakanya! Nakakatuwa how he remebered me! :") Sweet eh! ♥

Christine Liwag

I am CRAVING for MORE of her sexiness! Yung tipong papasok ka palang ng BU siya na agad makikita mo? Yung babaeng naka terno na pink and white! Haha! Nakakatuwa siya kasi siya yung nag entertain sa akin sa guestlist! Napaka patient kahit andami kong binabanggit! :)) Nakakatuwa pa is nung nagpa pirma ako sa shirt ko, aba bongga ang haba na daw ng hair niya! :"") HAHAHA!

Tracy Ayson

Pretty face? She got it! Nice attitude? She got it also! Eh ano pa ba!? Edi siya na perfect! :( Kainggit! Super down to earth! Napaka sweet and bait! Hope to meet her again real soon! :")

May ISA pa! Pero di siya included dito! May especial post para sakanya! :"") 

To all the bloggers in BU5!! Thank you so much for the inspiration! :) Nang dahil sainyo na iinspire ako mag blog din! :') Sa mga bloggers naman na naalala ako! GRABE! Super nakakataba ng puso bilang isang reader na naalala kami ng blogger na favorite namin! :') Tulad ng gantonG eksena:

Me: Hi *insert blogger's name here* so gad to finally meet you! *kwento kwento* :'>
Blogger: Hi too! What's your name? :)
Me: I am Alex! :)
Blogger: Uhmm. Alex? Hmm. Alexandrine?
Me: Yes! That's me!
Blogger: What's your surname? Delfin? :)
Me: Yeah!! That's me! *insert kilig face here* :'>
Blogger: OH! IT'S YOU PALA! Nice meeting you!! :)


To the WHOLE TEAM of BU5! Congratulations for the success! :) Esp Ms. Ana and Ms. Aisa!! :)

Alexandrine ♥

*More of my BU5 Experience on my next posts! 

Photo Diary with Ze' Bloggers! ♥ #PRT2

Here's the continuation!

Wicked Ying

Cute niya! Super bet ko yung shorts niya kahapon! :"> Ni-tweet kjo nga siya na ibenta yung shorts niya sa BU6 at ako mismo ang bibili! (Kung sakaling mag fit!) HAHA! Thanks to her para sa free pass ko! :">

Ava Te-Zabat

Simple yet Fashionable. AVA yan eh! :") Mom blogger yet really stylish! Teenager padin ang level! :) Nakita ko siya one time nung napadaan ako sa booth niya nag lalaro siya ng something sa tablet niya! Haha cute! :") Super love pa the paper bags! ♥

Paul Chuapoco

This Guy remembered me! YES HE IS! That's a BIG deal for me you know. Bilang reader at maalala ka ng isang blogger hayy grabe nakaktaba ng puso! ♥♥♥  Super love him! CEO ang level ng kagwapuhan eh! :"> Nakakaloka! ♥

Honey Andrade

So kind! Isa pa siya sa mga nakaalala sa akin! :") Nakakatuwa lang! So pretty niya in person! See you again sa BU6! ♥

Earth Rullan

Nakita ko na siya sa ilang events pero nahihiya ako mag approach lime nung Tomato Launch. Kaya this time Go na para mag pa picture! Love her items really affordable eh! :)

Ana Gonzales

Sorry guys pero this Lady is just ONE OF A KIND! Grabe! Proud na proud ako dyan! (Kaloka!? Ano Sister/ Mother lang ang peg!?) LOL! Pero srsly super proud ako kasi commuter din siya like me! AND magkapit bahay lang kami! Naalala ko padin nung sinundan ko siya ng tingin nung una ko siyang nakita sa village! Akal ko namalik mata lang ako pero siya talaga! Talon ako ng talon eh! Hahaha! Congratulations sakanya for the success of BU5!! ♥♥♥

Alyssa Lapid

Aren't she one of the sexiest? OH YES SHE IS! kung pretty siya in photos lalo na in person! Super kind pa niya! :"> Napaka sweet! ♥

Yana Dela Cruz

One of the BU5 team! Last BU3 ko pa dapat siya nakita kaso di eh so I make it a point na ma meet siya that time! So it happened na ! :) Super happy kasi nanalo ulit ako ng ticket from her! ♥

More photos for the last part! ♥

Alexandrine ♥