Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hello College Life! :)

And yes! I am finally college!! Proud Escolarian here! ♥
After all the hard works in High School I finally entered College! They say it's a lot more different from High School because of some things and they also say that it's more fun during college days than high school days? Well let me think about it first since it's still my first week! :)

My new home! :) Centro Escolar University Makati Campus - LV ! ♥

Makati Campus - LV

As part of starting college you already is starting a new part of your life! In part with this you will be needing new friends in your new school! Luckily I am that friendly that I already met new friends! Yey me! ♥

Makati Girl! Haha! :)

Good luck to me and to all those whose now in College!! :)

Alexandrine ♥