Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Girly Girl

I know guys I've been MIA this past week because of some reasons but here's one of my latest outfit shot! :)

I so can feel girly girl side of me here in this outfit! because just so you know I'm not the typical girl who would wear printed shorts and some stuffs coz I always stick with my old style. Denim Shorts + T-Shirt. But do you think I pulled this out? :)

I wore this Mint colored top matched with a floral short all bought from Bloggers United 5! :) 
I already wore this combination but wasn't able to took some photos of it so I wore it again last Monday (June 10) for the celebration of my friend's birthday! :)

Top & Shorts : Bloggers United 5 | Shoes : Flipflops

I'm always the girl who is comfortable with the boys! Haha! They always ask me why I always go with the boys and not with the girls but lilke what I always say. I feel more safe and MYSELF when I'm with them! No intrigue and No judgements! No offense to other girls out there. :)

 Sorry for the blurry shots. Used my phone. Like the usual. 

Alexandrine ♥